New Game : Fields and Flags

Better than a concept, this is a release ! The code was on the hard drive for a long time, asking to see the light, I was in the last 10% of this project. Now I’m free for other projects in 2018.

You know Minesweeper ? This time you can make mistakes, they cost you money (so realistic !).

Play in your browser, on a mobile or PC.



Tiny shoot’em up concept


I stumbled upon assets from Luis Zuno and it gave me the idea of a tiny SHMUP, for PC and mobile. The kind of game where you share the device and try to beat the scores of your friends, exactly like we did with a gamepad in the old times.

The gameplay is ready. Let’s make the other 90% for the end of the month.


  • You fly above the ground. Your main goal is to survive to area 10 and escape to space. It takes 3 minutes.
  • You can’t move the ship, you can only activate a shield and fire.
  • The ship will move itself, dodging or flying into bullets.
  • Using the shield and firing use energy that recovers with time, so you can’t be protected or fire continuously. One gauge for each function.
  • One contact with a bullet when not protected and it’s game over.
  • The 10 best scores are saved.


  • Five types of enemy ships.
  • Always two enemies on screen at the same time.
  • If not destroyed, a ship will teleport away after 12 seconds and be replaced by another. You can’t fight the same ships for all the game.


  • Each second alive you earn 50 points.
  • Each time an enemy bullet quit the screen you earn 50 points, so you earn more points facing dangerous enemies. You can decide to not destroy them, although they will go away after 12 seconds.
  • By destroying ships you earn from 200 to 800 points.

News Bulletin 4

I should have made maps for Doom sooner.

  • Map editor : Slade3.
  • Game required : Doom 2, from GOG for example.
  • Modern source port : GZDoom.
  • Mod of choice : Brutal Doom. Enhanced weapons and enemies, allied marines, and a bit more cartoony blood.
  • Clear tutorial from eevee.
  • A lot of docs : Doom Wiki, ZDoom.

I am working on a kind of “survival mod” : I have ideas for maps where you must stay a few minutes before extraction, doing all you can to survive with limited ressources against invaders. Equipment and healing can be supplied through scripts along the fight.

I have a working prototype : a simple frontal assault. Later I will try a “fortress style” map with doors to defend, as you can even script monsters to attack doors, and a “retreat style” with new areas to open along the game.

You can import textures, create new weapons or even enemies, but I plan to make something with stock resources. These years I have learnt that creating assets is a full time job…

New Game : Light up the Ghosts

Play in your browser. You just need 24 seconds.

If you begin with Phaser you can check the code. Copy, modify, experiment. I kept everything in a single file for a project so small. Two states are used : ‘TitleScreen’ and ‘Gameplay’.

This game wants to be improved. Small checklist for you or for me :

  • Different types of ghosts
  • Different levels, each one with a high score stored
  • A progressive difficulty
  • Stuff where the ghosts can hide
  • Laughing ghosts (definitively)

So, with the game or the code : have a good time !


News Bulletin 3

If you want an advice : start small. No, really. In a one man team, project scale becomes too large very fast. I say this but, to learn you should experiment by yourself… keep your code and assets but don’t repeat the same mistake on the next project : it can be an endless story.


April to September 2016


News Bulletin 2

Being unsatisfied by the actual state of the March project, I didn’t publish. This game needs more polish, I refuse to ask you to play a working prototype. A prototype answers a question, it’s useful to the developer and that’s all.

The actual project will be released in April. Let’s see what works… and that’s the problem ! Things just work. But where are the presentation, the stage setting, the music, the atmosphere ? I work on them this month.

What’s ready yet :

  • what you can find in the previous post
  • a few balanced weapons, that’s enough for the moment
  • 4 enemy types, enough to play
  • enemies now come by waves
  • ugly wallpaper in the office, it’s perfect


So, I get back to work. See you later this month.

News Bulletin 1

The Cursed Garden


Version 0.9 is online, play in your browser here.

Now you can only heal yourself by traveling to the next level. Be cautious, and in case of emergency : run to the next level.

Added a new type of enemy that can be found in the deepest levels.


Single Screen Run and Gun


This is my March project for One Game A Month.

For the moment : you eliminate enemies, collect fragments to make appear a new weapon, and repeat. Oh, I forget… you die a lot.

It’s made with Phaser so you wil play in a browser.

What’s ready yet :

  • continuous enemy spawning
  • enemies respawning on top of screen after jumping off at the bottom
  • run, jump, shoot, hurt enemies, collect enemies fragments to empty the gauge
  • a weapon is spawned when the gauge is empty
  • easy to expand weapon list, thanks to this tutorial
  • easy to make levels thanks to Tiled
  • sad blue background

I can’t wait to see freeze guns, plasma waves, and tough enemies !

Feel free to comment here or on Twitter.